NiCE programme kicks off for fourth year

Nov 19, 2018 News

Out-of-work Caymanians and their partners gathered at the Lions Centre on Monday (19 November), to register for temporary seasonal work. It was part of the National Community Enhancement programme, now in its fourth year, which will see Caymanians offered jobs, starting from next week. They will be involved in a variety of projects, like roadside marking, cleaning verges and beach access-ways, plus maintaining parks and public spaces. Project coordinator Levi Allen explained the benefits of the programme: "A number of projects completed successfully, excellent work being done to enhance the community, beautify spaces, complete projects which may have been languishing for a bit and most importantly, giving persons some skills that will help them get back to full-time employment," Mr. Allen listed. He added the community can help NiCE participants out, too. "Look out for them, drive carefully, ensure that they are safe, ensure they make it back to their families and encourage them for the work that they're doing because they're really putting in a hard day's work for a fair day's pay," Mr. Allen said. Mr. Allen said they were waiting to hear whether there will be another mandate from the Government to run the NiCE project in the future.